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Caplette Technical and your router parts,

Cap Tech has the capability to rebuild or repair your router parts! Saving you the expenses of buying new!
We rebuild Kennard router spindles. We use only the original equipment (Barden matched pair bearings) for low noise and durability. All rebuilt spindles are electronically balanced, have the radial run out set and are run-in to the full 24,000 RPM.
Idlers can be rebuilt similarly to spindles. This service involves cleaning, installing new bearings, new snap rings, resurfacing, balancing and running-in to the full operating RPM. Rebuilt idlers are about half the cost of new ones!
We can rebuild the Inertial brand servo motors used on all the early Kennard and PDA routers. Encoders and tachometers can usually be preserved to ensure that you don't pay for unnecessary parts. All parts are cleaned, the bearings replaced. The armature, tachometer and brushes are checked. The whole assembly including the encoder and tach are tested. Repainting and connector conversion (PDA to Kennard style) is available. This repair preserves the original response which is vital to keeping the X and Y motor coordinated.
Servo Amplifiers
Servo Amplifiers: Silent, Faster, more powerful! This servo amp replacement module is available. The new drives are protected from short circuits to ground and their higher switching frequency eliminates the constant khz servo whine. Status lights indicate ready or fault conditions. Furthermore, it mounts on your existing amplifier chassis!
Lead Screws
Cap Tech can clean and reload your lead screws! Thrust bearings can be preserved. Reloading is done with the original style alternating bearing setup. This is often all that is necessary to restore operation and eliminate backlash. Bellows style covers, thrust and floating bearings are available.
Tera Controllers
Tera 4031 Controllers were the original Kennard router control form the beginning in 1980. We repair and maintain Tera Controllers. Spare parts including used/working circuit boards, switches, RS-232 interfaces, 3.5" dual drive sets, and analog spindle control boards are available. In addition we can install a new monitor with better screen clarity and brightness than the original!
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